MINARVA ENTERPRISES Aurangabad is a wellknown organization that has been trading, distributing, and providing service for a wide array of water and waste water treatment plants, cooling towers, and water and waste water treatment chemicals since 2004. We have extensive experience in our industry and can provide all forms of sales and services in all types of water and waste water treatment plants, along with PPR pipelines. We are developing sophisticated and modernized procedures for servicing in order to compete in the global market. Some of the prominent aspects associated with our company differentiate us from our competitors and provide quality in our service.

Wastewater remedy flowers hire a series of strategies together with screening, number one settling, organic treatment, and disinfection to take away contaminants from sewage before liberating it returned into the surroundings or for reuse.

Wastewater treatment vegetation put off various pollutants along with natural be counted, suspended solids, pathogens (such as bacteria and viruses), vitamins (like nitrogen and phosphorus), and doubtlessly dangerous chemical compounds.

Treated wastewater may be reused for irrigation, industrial strategies, or maybe replenishing groundwater. Alternatively, it could be discharged into rivers, lakes, or oceans after assembly regulatory requirements to save you environmental contamination.


Water is the precious gift of nature to the mankind but most misused. Early steps for water management would be necessary to avoid water crisis and traditional thinking of water management only whenever there is too little or too much of it. Now water utilization in the industries is increasing. Optimum utilization of water in the various sections and the reutilization of it will prove to be the most signicant steps towards the conservation of water resources.



MINARVA ENTERPRISES is a widely recognized organization that is flourishing and prosperously thriving in domain of trading, wholesaling and servicing a tremendous range of Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Cooling Towers and Water Treatment Chemicals, Commercial Chemicals since 2004.


Since installing the water treatment plant in our community, we've got seen a drastic development within the satisfactory of our consuming water. No extra foul odors or atypical tastes. It's clear and clean now, making our entire community grateful for the funding in our health and nicely-being.

Jagdish Rana

As a enterprise owner inside the meals enterprise, water first-rate is paramount to our fulfillment. With the water treatment plant in place, we've got not simplest met but exceeded regulatory standards, ensuring our merchandise are safe and of the highest fine. Our customers have noticed the difference and keep coming lower back for greater.

Ritesh Mehata

Living in an area at risk of water infection issues, I turned into skeptical approximately the effectiveness of a water treatment plant. However, since its set up, my circle of relatives and I even have loved easy, secure water without worry. It's a alleviation to know our fitness is no longer compromised by means of the water we rely on day by day.

Jayraj Joshi
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