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Our water softening system reduces the concentration of minerals and ions present in hard water. Designed to tackle domestic and industrial use cases, our product is highly durable with minimum maintenance costs and high-end productivity.

We offer a wide range of water softeners easy to separate the hardness ions in very low cost. Water Softeners are used to reduce the concentration of calcium, magnesium and other heavy ions in hard water.

The water to be treated passes through a bed of the resin. The resins initially contain univalent sodium ions, which exchange with divalent calcium and magnesium ions in the water. The more sodium ions are released from the resin into the water. As these resins become loaded with undesirable cations they gradually lose their effectiveness and must be regenerated.

Salient Features

  • Less maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Low power consumption
  • High performance
  • Softener plants are in various MOC like MSEP, MSFRP, FRP, and MSRL etc.


  • Affordable Prices
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Simple to Use
  • Great Customer Service
  • Easy Assembly


  • Cooling Tower Make Up
  • Utility/Domestic/Industrial Usage
  • Low-Pressure Boiler

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