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We design, manufacture and supply water treatment plants like Clarifiers, Pressure sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Cartridge Filters, Bag Filters, Iron Removal Filters, and Water Softeners, Demineralisation Plants, Reverse-Osmosis Systems,Effluent Treatment Plants, SewageTreatment plants & Chemical Dosing Systems & Cooling Towers.
  • Clarifiers: We manufacture wide range of clarifiers for various range of settling applications as per our customer’s requirement. These clarifiers are used for raw water, sewage water,effluent water and waste water for removing and settling of suspended Solids and turbidity.
  • Pressure Sand Filters: We provide a wide range of Pressure sand filters easy to operate with minimum pressure drop by using of sand and gravels or anthracite. To remove Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids from raw water use in various Industries.
  • Iron Removal Filters: The removal of heavy metals from industrial waste and raw water has become one of the most important applications in wastewater treatment. Metals in waste streams and raw water do not naturally degrade and foul the R O Membranes at low concentrations. For operators of industrial facilities, MAHACHEM provides effective treatment programs for reducing heavy metals in waste streams and raw water to help ensure regulatory compliance. The dissolved ferrous iron salts are converted into insoluble ferric salt and precipitated over the filter bed and then the iron free filtered water comes out. Only back washing with clear water and compressed air is required for cleaning the bed.
  • Activated Carbon Filters:The activated carbon filters are generally used in water treatment for removing odor, colour, free chlorine and / or organic compounds. We manufacture ACF easy to operate in various MOC as per the application of clients.
  • Cartridge Filters:Our range of Micron cartridge filters are one of the best selling products. These are used for treatment systems getting super clarity and extra sparkled water, which is filtered by a conventional sand filter. Micron cartridge filters have the ability to easily separate Colloidal matter, sand particles and many others.
  • Water Softeners:We offer a wide range of water softeners easy to separate the hardness ions in very low cost. The water will be called as “hard” if it contains calcium or magnesium salts dissolved in it. A water softener reduces the dissolved calcium and magnesium salts in hard water. These “hardness ions” cause undesired effects like hindering the ability of detergents to lather and forming a precipitate and forming scales to the surfaces of pipes and heat exchanger surfaces. Ion-exchange materials contain sodium ions (Na+) that are electrostatically bound and that readily are replaced by hardness ions such as Ca++ and Mg++. Ion exchange resins are organic polymers containing anionic functional groups to which the Na+ is bound. The water to be treated passes through a bed of the resin. The resins initially contain univalent sodium ions, which exchange with divalent calcium and magnesium ions in the water. As the water passes through the resin column, the hardness ions replace the sodium ions which are released into the water. The more sodium ions are released from the resin and into the water. As these resins become loaded with undesirable cations they gradually lose their effectiveness and must be regenerated.
  • Demineralization Plants:We offer a wide range of demineralization plants as per client’s specifications. The plant designed in a way that removes total dissolved solids from the raw water. It consists of one or more ion exchange resin columns, which include a strong acid cation unit and a strong base onion unit. We also provide Packaged DM Plants, De-Alkaliser, TwoStage& Multi-Stage DM Plants, Mixed Bed DemineraUsers, De-Gassifiers, Cation Polishers and Manual/Automatic Plants.
  • Chemical Dosing Systems:Chemical dosing systems are designed to do the accurate quantity of chemical dosing to the stream. These systems are used for chemical dosing like Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals , Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals, Etp Treatment Chemicals, Chlorine , Acids, Alkaline Alum, SMBS, Antiscalent & others.

Our Reverse Osmosis Systems are extensively used to remove total dissolve solids from the raw water. The RO System is the process of reversing the flow, forcing water through a membrane from a concentrated solution to a dilute solution to produce filtered water. Reverse osmosis is created when sufficient pressure is applied to the concentrated solution to overcome the osmotic pressure. This pressure is provided by feed water high pressure pumps.
We are using the spiral wound configuration, a flat sheet membrane and spacers are wound around the permeate collection tube to produce flow channels for permeate and feed water. This design maximizes flow while using semi permeable of 0.0001 micron gauge module size.

We manufacture wide range of cooling towers of cooling applications as per our customer’s requirement, cooling tower is a heat rejection device use to transfer process waste heat to the automsphere. The primary use of large industrial cooling towers is to remove the heat observe in the circulating cooling water system use in power plants, petro chemical plants, food processing units, oil industries,automobileindustries,Pharma industries and other insdustrial facilities. Common application for cooling towers are providing cooled water for air conditioning manufacutring and electrical power generation. We manufacturing two types of cooling towers they are Natural draft and Forced draft.

  • Sewage Treatment Plants:Sewage Treatment Plant can be located close to in septic tanks or collected and transported via a network of pipes and pump stations to a municipal treatment plant. We offer Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant as well as conventional plants for the requirement of the customers and based on the capacity. The Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are specially designed and manufactured for the treatment of lesser quantities of sewage water like 10 cum to 50 cum per day. The clients can avail both skid-mounted and without skid-mounted type of our Sewage Treatment plant. We offers STP to the following peoples like various Industries, Hotels, Malls & Multiplexes, Schools & Colleges, Corporate offices&Housing Apartments etc
  • Effluent Treatment Plants:We offer a wide range of industrial effluent treatment plants for application in paint shop, diaries, paper mills, oil refineries, leather industry, glass factories, chemical and processing industries etc. These industrial effluent treatment plants are designed to provide a pollution free working environment and recycle the water for other applications. All the effluent treatment plants strictly comply with the design specifications laid down by the regulatory authority.