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We supply wide range of cooling towers for cooling applications as per our customer’s requirement. The primary use of large industrial cooling towers is to remove the heat observed in the circulating water system use in power plants, petrochemical plants, food processing units, oil industries, automobile industries, pharma industries, chemical plants and other industrial facilities. A common application for cooling towers is for providing cool water for HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) and for industrial use. We supply Natural draft and Forced draft cooling towers i.e. FRP & timber cooling towers.

Analysis of Requirements

The water temperatures (hot water in and cold water out), the wet bulb temperature of the site of installation and the required water flow are the 3 major factors in order to select a wet cooling tower. After analyzing your needs, we will propose the most appropriate technical and economic solution. For higher flow rates, we recommend multicell solutions. Our engineers can also make special adaptations of the standard cooling towers in order to meet the most specific of needs.

Customization Considerations

The various type of available heat exchange surfaces allows us to select a suitable fill whether of the “film” type or of the “splash” type . The heat exchange fill is chosen according to the quality of water to be cooled (clean or highly polluted water), but also depending on the specific environment of the site and considering the process to be cooled. We also customize the motor-gearbox configuration to suit the client needs. Motors are available in various specifications such as various IP ratings, voltages, frequencies, flame-proof capacities, etc.


  • Induced draft counter flow design provides the maximum efficiency than any other design ​
  • Easy access to all the internal components of the cooling tower
  • Short lead and delivery time. Easy transport and low transport volume
  • Direct drive motors eliminate the need for gearboxes and thus reduce maintenance


  • HVAC
  • Power
  • Metal
  • Chemical
  • Textile
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastic
  • Polymer

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