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We supply wide range of clarifiers for various range of settling applications as per our customer’s requirement. These clarifiers are used for removing and settling of suspended solids from raw water, sewage water, effluent water and waste water.

We are manufacturing Tube settlers and Clarifiers that are design to handle turbidity and it also removes settleable solids from water and waste water.

Tube Settler: In tube settler, multiple shape media are sloped at an angle of 60° and adjacent to one another to increase the settling surface area. It also lowers the total unit area compared to conventional method. As a result, our system reduces settling time and area and achieves required results.

Clarifier: Clarifier is widely used to remove solids from water and wastewater. It can offer higher discharge turbidity. The system has been designed to be constructed in a MSEP / concrete basin.
These are used to slow down the velocity of the water to a point where organic solids will settle down to bottom of the tank. It also contains equipment named scrapper that uses to remove floating solids and scum from the surface.


  • Removal of Colloidal Silica
  • Color removal
  • Primary treatment of waste water
  • Removal of Heavy metals in Automobiles, Pharma industries, Electroplating, and textile industries

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